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Dive RAID Rebreather DECO 60 Instructor

This programme qualifies the Sport Rebreather Instructor to teach divers to dive to 60m and complete dives with mandatory unlimited decompression stop requirements including the use of Helium and Hypoxic gas.

This Speciality is generic and may be applied to any RAID registered rebreather which meets the requirements and any diver who meets the prerequisites.

- To be a minimum of 18 years old.

- To be certified diver for at least 20 months.

- Certified RAID Rebreather Deco 60m diver or equivalent certification/s.

- Certified RAID Sport Rebreather Instructor and RAID Rebreather Deco 50m Instructor.

- Cross over Instructors: Deco 60 equivalent Rebreather Instructor certification.

- Certified RAID Rebreather Unit Speciality Instructor. 

- Provide proof of training/certifying at least 5 Deco 50 or equivalent rebreather divers.

- Submit a current Rescue Breathing/CPR/BLS Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor certificate/s

- RAID Oxygen Service & Blender Instructor.

- 150 logged hours underwater using a rebreather of which 75 logged hours must be on the specific rebreather used during this course.

- 10 logged hours are between 40m and 60m during decompression dives. These hours must be logged in your personal RAID Logbook and/or down loaded from the rebreather unit log.

- Submit a dive medical passed within 12 months by a certified dive doctor.



- Complete, before in water training, the on-line e-learning academic presentations, quizzes and exam

- Review Personal Diving skills

- Stamina and Watermanship skills

- Review Rescue Scenarios

- Dive Planning Assignments

- Review the Guidelines for Deco 60 Speciality

- Practical skills as detailed; confined water and open water sessions, totalling a minimum of 4 hours underwater


For this course you will be required to have use of the as specified in the RB Deco 60m diver course equipment outline


Allows the Deco 60 Speciality Instructor to teach the following RAID Tech course 
- RB Deco 40m
- RB Deco 50m
- RB Deco 60m


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