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Dive RAID - Underwater Navigation Instructor

This course provides a Dive RAID Specialty Instructor with the knowledge to conduct and certify a Certified Diver as an RAID Navigation Diver.

Dive RAID - Underwater Navigation Diver

Divers are intensely fascinated by navigation…Your RAID Underwater Navigation Specialty course will help you overcome the obstacles inherent to finding your way underwater. You will learn how easy and simple navigation can be and how it will help you both above and below the surface. During this course, you will review natural aids such as sand ripples or reef formations, which can accurately predict your route. Tools such as mechanical or digital compasses are a surprising challenge to the novice but we will help you unravel the challenge and teach the practical skills and techniques you’ll need to use them effectively.
This course is designed to give students a greater understanding and experience on how to properly navigate underwater using both natural and compass navigation.

This RAID Navigation Diver Specialty is designed to extend your knowledge and skills in the use of navigational tools and techniques for Sport Diving. It develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.
This speciality can be run for any certified diver who has the equivalent of RAID Open Water 20

RAID Certification - Specialty Course Underwater Navigation Diver 

Upon successfully passing the Specialty Course Underwater Navigation Diver Specialty practical training you will receive: 
• RAID International Recognized Specialty Course Underwater Navigation Specialty  Certification
• Life Time Access to RAID  On-line logbook
• RAID E-card
• Life time access to RAID Specialty Course Underwater Navigation manual


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