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FreeDiving RAID - Freediver

Perfect for beginners and intermediate freedivers, the RAID Freediver course is a comprehensive introduction to our rewarding sport

Taking place over a two days, usually a weekend, the RAID Freediver course from Diving Bali covers all the fundamental freediving skills you need and offers continued development for snorkelers or spearfishers.

Starting in the classroom, you’ll learn how to breathe before and after a dive, how to hold your breath safely and about the freediving equipment you’ll use. You’ll then move to the pool, learning how to move with ease and grace under the water, developing the skills you’ll need in the open water.

In the afternoon of the first day you’ll move to Villa Alba Tulamben and begin diving in open water. We’ll make sure you never exceed your own limits or comfort zone – you set a pace that you’re comfortable with. By the end of the program you could be diving to depths up to 20m in the most relaxed and safe manner possible. You’ll dive the Liberty Wreck, through shoals of beautiful fish and learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level.

The advantage of learning to freedive at Tulamben & Drop Off is that there are very little tides, Slight waves, long shore currents, and fantastic visibility due to the open ocean water. It may sometimes rain, but the diving conditions are always perfect and our courses are never cancelled due to bad weather or sea conditions.

We also have one of the highest instructor to student ratios on our RAID Freediver courses so, coupled with our very personal approach, you’re free to progress at your own pace. Taught by some of the Indonesia most experienced instructors and providing unrivalled materials and support, no other course offers such a comprehensive package or wealth of experience. We even provide a lifetime guarantee, so after the course you have the benefit of our continued support on your freediving journey.



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