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FreeDiving RAID Advanced Freediver

RAID Advanced Freediver Take your freediving experience to the next level

Improve your freediving performance with the RAID Advanced Freediver course. Sophisticated techniques and further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex will help improve your body’s response when freediving, enabling you to dive deeper and longer.

In the pool you’ll train to hold your breath for at least 2 minutes 30 seconds and practice dynamic apnea for 55 metres. During the open water  you’ll learn new, advanced equalisation techniques and training methods to carry you past 20m and up to depths of 30m. Diving from the freediving platform with lanyards, you’ll learn to dive deeper and gain advanced rescue skills. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy recreational freediving on some of the deeper attractions.

FreeDiving Course details

Your RAID Advanced Freediver course begins when you book your place.  We’ll email you an information pack containing everything you need to know about the course, our suggestions for preparing, as well as information about accommodation and logistics.

We’ll also send you a link to the RAID Advanced Freediver theory materials and course handbook, which is provided online by RAID. All of your course materials are accessed online and they’re kept up-to-date by RAID, so that after your course you’ll have lifetime access to the very latest guidance and information. Home study means you can familiarise yourself with the basics at your own pace and will mean more time for you in the water over the weekend of the course.

Your course starts on any day at the pool, perfecting your static and dynamic skills, and then moves to Open Water for the weekend. Here you’ll build on your freediving skills and knowledge, taking your confidence and experience to the next level with the most experienced instructors in Indonesia.

You must complete the theory and pass the final exam before the date of your booked course or you will not be allowed in the water.

You also need to have a current (within the last 2 years) CPR and First Aid course certificate. You can do the course with us.

Before booking please make sure you read our XXX XXX 


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