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Dive RAID Cave Instructor 2

The RAID Cave 2 diver program is a complex navigation course and expands on knowledge and skills already mastered in the Cave 1 program. The manuals are rich in graphics depicting jumps, gaps, tees, traverses, circuits, etc. Penetration is not limited and to that end, divers may complete limited decompression and use one stage cylinder. So within the RAID Cave 2 Instructor program we ensure that you have the nessasary cave & diving skills.

Dive RAID Cave Instructor 2


This course is designed to safely train Instructors to teach and certify RAID Cave 2 Instructors.


Be a minimum of 21 years old.

- Submit current Rescue Breathing, CPR Training and Oxygen Provider certificates.

- Documented proof of prerequisite requirements must be presented to the Dive Centre for approval prior to any in water training.

- Certified and in status as a RAID Open Circuit Instructor.

- Certified RAID Nitrox and RAID Deco 40 Instructor or higher.

- Certified RAID Cave 2 diver or equivalent.

- Submit proof of at least 150 logged hours, cave dives.

- Have certified at least 10 Cave 1 divers or equivalent.

- Certified and current Rescue Breathing/CPR/BLS Training and Oxygen Provider Instructor

- Submit a dive medical passed by a certified diving physician

Submit proof of liability insurance where applicable.


- As per the RAID Cave 2 Instructor Prerequisites above.

- Cross over Instructors need to complete a RAID OC Instructor crossover program

- RAID Cave Instructor crossover program.

- Instructors will need to submit proof of equivalent status’.


PRESENTATIONS: Instructor Candidates must:

- Present and pass at least one academic teaching presentation

- Present and pass at least one confined water presentation

- Present and pass at least one Open Water presentation

- Each in-water presentation will consist of 2 skills.

- Present and pass at least one practical application.

- Present a RISK Management profile on the Dive Site

NOTE: These sessions can be role play or with actual new cave students.


- In water, too deep to stand up in, all Instructor Candidates must:

- Swim 600 metres without stopping, using any swim  combination of strokes, without the use of swimming aids, within 20 minutes.

- Swim 800 metres without stopping, using only mask, snorkel and fins, (no other swimming or buoyancy aids) within 15 minutes.

- Swim underwater for 25 metres without surfacing, using only mask, snorkel and fins - no diving in or pushing off from the side.

- In only a bathing suit and without the use of buoyancy or swimming aids, tread water without allowing the face or mouth go underwater at any time for 15 minutes. 
 ** If the environment does not permit the above, students may wear exposure protection but must be weighted neutrally buoyant.

- In full OC SCUBA equipment, as worn for the discipline and for the environment in which they will be diving, tow an inert diver who is also equipped with full SCUBA equipment, for 150m

- Following exhalation, do not remove the second stage mouthpiece and swim horizontally for 10m to a dive buddy who is facing the opposite direction.  While signalling out of air, retrieve the regulator donated by the buddy, clear and breathe from it. After 3 full “sanity” breathes, signal OK and swim 50m within 4 minutes. Divers may not come to the surface at any time.

NOTE: All swim tests must be passed before the end of the program. If any swim is failed it can be redone at any time prior to certification. Any swims that may have been completed within the last three (3) months may be credited.

Instructors must demonstrate and pass the following skills from the Cave 1 and 2 programs. Scores are awarded as per the standard RAID evaluation criteria.

- Stage remove and replace underwater.

- S-Drill

- Neutral buoyancy and trim.

- Frog Kick

- Reverse Kick

- Modified Flutter

- Helicopter Turn

- Proper gas switch procedures.

- Gas sharing swim using long hose.

- Gas sharing ascent using long hose.

- Stage cylinder exchange with teammate.

- Lost mask procedures

- Shutdown right hand side while hovering.

- Shutdown left hand side while hovering.

- Diagnostic shutdown while hovering

- Unresponsive diver swim and ascent

- Inflator failure

- Line laying procedures

- Touch contact, blind exit line work.

**In addition, Instructors using sidemount will be required to demonstrate:

- Free flow second stage – feathering

- Shutdown right hand side while hovering.

- Shutdown left hand side while hovering


- Confined Water Training: - Maximum ratio: 6:1 with a maximum depth of 6m

- Open Water Training: - Maximum ratio: 3:1

When the visibility is less than 5m then the ratio, is reduced 2:1.


Dive times for the instructor course are a minimum of:

Confined water: Adequate time to show competency of all skills.

Open Water:      5 hours underwater (surface to surface)


- A certified RAID Cave instructor is defined as an in-status RAID Cave instructor or higher.

- Instructor must be a RAID sidemount instructor to teach Cave 1 and 2 in sidemount configuration.

- The instructor must be present and in direct supervision for all segments of training.


- A RAID DiveMaster or higher who is certified as a RAID Cave 2 diver or higher.


- To maintain current Instructor Status, Instructors must teach at least two cave divers per year at their highest level.

- Instructors that are unable to achieve this may have to do a refresher.

RAID requires all Cave 2 instructors to complete 10 cave dives outside of training per year.

- The Sidemount instructor may be combined with the Cave Instructor course if the instructor candidate is a certified sidemount diver and meets the sidemount instructor prerequisites.

- RAID Cave Instructor(s) wishing to combine Sidemount and Cave must hold the Instructor level in both. Instructor candidates wishing to participate in the combined training program MUST meet all prerequisites.

- When combining these programs, the combined required hours and dives for both programs need to be completed.


- As per Cave 2 Diver standards.


- Will be awarded once the following minimum criteria have been met.

- All Quizzes and exams are completed and passed.

- All confined and Open Water skills are completed and signed off through the RAID Website by both the Instructor Trainer and Instructor candidate.

- All their training dives are logged online in their personnel e-Logbook.

- The RAID Dive Centre has confirmed certification on line through the RAID website

Dive RAID Cave Instructor 2


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